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Gotham FC releases statement of support for Jenni Hermoso and Spanish National Team

HARRISON, NJ – On Friday night, NJ/NY Gotham FC released a team statement supporting Spanish National Team player Jenni Hermoso and her teammates after the President of the Spanish soccer federation Luis Rubiales gave an unwanted kiss to Hermoso at the World Cup trophy ceremony last Sunday.

Rubiales, who was set to resign on Friday, instead stood firm in his decision to remain as the head of the federation, even amid a FIFA investigation. He called the kiss “consensual,” and emphatiscally reiterated at an emergency RFEF meeting that he would not resign.

Condemnation of Rubiales’ statements and behavior was swift, with players and teams from around the world voicing support for Hermoso, who later put out her own official statement on social media stating, “at no time did I consent to the kiss that he gave me.”

Gotham FC is uniquely positioned as the only National Women’s Soccer League team to have Spanish players and a Spanish coach in Juan Carlos Amorós. Maitane López joined the club in July, and the club recently announced the signing of Esther González on Wednesday, fresh off her World Cup win.

Juan Carlos Amorós, Gotham FC

At a pre-match press conference on Wednesday, Amorós was asked about the situation in Spain, stating in part, “I think that when we should speak about Spain and this problem, we should speak about the fantastic football they’ve played. There must be better actions, but it’s not for me to be the one here saying what it means.”

The Spanish Women’s National team released a public statement indicating that they will not play for their nation until action is taken. There is also a Change.org petition available for others to sign.

Gotham FC’s full statement is available below:

Gotham FC stands with Jenni Hermoso and the Spanish Women’s National Team players. We celebrate their spectacular play and monumental achievement of winning the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. 

Mr. Rubiales has tainted and overshadowed the Spanish Women National Team’s moment by his unacceptable conduct. We condemn him and the inaction of those in power who fail to hold him accountable. We join the global soccer community in using our voice to help end abuse in the women’s game.

Every athlete deserves a safe environment free from offensive, abusive, or hostile behavior from anyone, but especially from those in positions of power. Anything less is inconsistent with the values of Gotham FC and the community we represent.

Let’s spotlight Jenni, her teammates, and the extraordinary athletes like them. We vow to protect and elevate them. #ContigoJenni.